Intercollegiate Turkish Students Society welcomes you…

We will be using this platform to spread our energy to you, and seek ways for synergy!
Therefore, let us introduce ourselves to you…

What is ITSS?

Intercollegiate Turkish Students Society, Inc is a Non-Profit organization connecting Turkish Students and Turkish Student Organizations from different parts of the United States to fulfill its mission. See “About” section for more info.

What do we do?

Shortly, our main focus is reaching out to Turkish Students promote professional and social activities for their benefit and the benefit of their communities.

How we do it?

ITSS members from different parts of the United States organize social events to connect Turkish students with each other, with Turkish Young professionals and most importantly, with their local community in order to advance professional dialog and networking.

In this process, our partners are Turkish Student Organizations (TSA). We provide series of guidelines to TSAs in terms of establishment and internal structure, assist them with their events and share our experiences.